Camden Conversion

Summer predicament! Too many guests, too little room. Rather than turn their guests away, these clients were interested in making them comfortable. Goodbye two-car, cement-floor garage, and hello to the Coastal Maine Blue Suite.

It didn’t take long to envision a wonderful vibrant blue Maine theme around the fabric sample they brought to our Studio: The Lobster. While the theme may be interpreted as whimsical, the project demanded perfectionism. There was no detail to be overlooked, no seam to be seen.

The obvious focal point was the blue lobster, which demanded a sophisticated yet creative approach of intermingling fine linens, wall coverings, carpeting window treatments, furniture, pillows, throws and complimentary accessorizing for bathroom and suite. While the thrust of the project was Maine comfort and color, fine crafted accessories were important as well. Accent pieces like the Herend china, and final touches like the hand-blown lobster claw, each added color and charm.

An abundance of coordinated decorative pillows extended a welcoming ambience of comfort ensuring that guests were always welcome.

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