MHD: A Sophisticated Sanctuary

Photography: François Gagné
Marcy van der Kieft takes her design cues from her clients—whether their style tends toward the traditional or the contemporary, the polished or the eclectic. These clients exude a sophisticated style and find inspiration in the unique. The design approach for this home was clear: this was to be a sanctuary, where life is enjoyed and business is rarely conducted. As van der Kieft explains, “A typical coastal cottage interior was not on either of our radars.” The clients wished to use local workrooms, craftspeople, and artisans wherever possible. Van der Kieft’s background in textiles and design led to a selection of the softest of cashmeres, the finest embroideries, and the smoothest of silks. The decor goes beyond what hangs on the walls, the eclectic trims, intricate fabric weaves, specialized upholstered definition, and custom furniture; it also encompasses the backdrop of seasonal views of Camden’s scenic harbor and village—”art we could have never found,” says van der Kieft. “Ultimately the house’s interior creates a perfect balance of femininity and masculinity and accents these clients’ sophisticated flair.”

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